Playa Shacks

Carr 4466 , KM1.9 Interior, Barrio Bajuras

Isabela, PR 00662



There are no street names or street addresses for Shacks Beach. So your GPS will only get you so far. If you want to use your GPS, enter the intersection of Route 110 north and Route 2 East. Then pick up the directions below from there. The trip should take about 2 hours depending on traffic.



• Exit the San Juan airport and take the first right (right after the underpass, toward San Juan; do not go onto the toll road).

After you’ve gone about 3 mi. on Rt. 26, you’ll go over an overpass, and then the road dips down below normal ground level.

 Take the next exit-Route 22.

 Almost immediately you’ll go through a tunnel.

• Shortly after that, the road divides.

Stay on Route 22 (the right fork), following signs toward Bayamon/Arecibo/Mayaguez.

Continue on Route 22 until it ends (west of Arecibo).  

There will be three tolls; it saves time to have $5 in change.

When Route 22 ends, the road joins Route 2. Go towards Mayaguez/Aguadilla.

• [Aside: If you want to stop to get groceries, once you have been on Route 2 for about 20 miles,

there will be a plaza on the left with a Pep Boys, a Walmart & a Selectos super market.]  •

After you’ve been on Route 2 for about 22 mi., there will be a long section without traffic lights.

Just before km marker 119, you will see large green signs for 110 Norte / Punta Borinquen /Aeropuerto Rafael Hernandez.

Bare right onto 110 North.

Note: you will pass an earlier sign for a left turn for Route 110. Do not take this left.

• Take Route 110 a bit more than 4 miles to Route 4466. You will pass Hewlett-Packard.

You will pass a gas station with a Subway restaurant. The road will then bend to the left.

• Continue until you reach Route 4466.

There’s a blinking traffic light and the restaurant Brisa del Atlantico is on the SW corner of 4466. 

(NOTE: This turn onto Route 4466 is about 1½ miles past HEWLETT-PACKARD.) Make a right onto Route 4466.  

Skip below to FROM 4466



As you exit the airport, turn right.  Follow the street to the end and go left at the barricade.  

Proceed to your first right and turn right,maintaining the airport fence on your right.  

Continue to the T with the rental car agency in front of you.

Turn left and continue 100 yards and turn right at the small shopping strip.  

This road turns into Rt. 110 and exits Ramey Base at what is called Gate 5.  

You will then pass a Total gas station on your right and then the Econo, which is our local and very nice grocery store.

 Proceed on Rt. 110 for a couple of miles.  

After you make a long bend to the right, you will hit Rt. 4466.

There is a blinking light and the Restaurant Brisas del Atlantico is on the right.  Make a left onto 4466 and proceed down the hill.


FROM 4466

• Go to the bottom of the hill and take the first left.

(it's at the very bottom of the hill before you pass any buildings).

There are signs for Tropical Trail Rides, Villa Montaña and Ola Lola’s and a small “Villa Tropical” sign at the turn.

Follow the “Villa Tropical” signs. They are high up on utility poles.

• Continue for 200 yards and bare to the left at the fork.

You will then pass “Ola Lola’s” Garden Baron your left.

• Continue for another 300 yards or so and you will come to an intersection where there are signs showing Tropical Trail Rides and Villa Montaña to the left and Bamboo Art and Villa Tropical to the RIGHT.

The Villa Tropical sign is high on this pole. Turn right.

• Follow the road until it dead ends and you have to turn to the left (about 200 yards).

After the turn, Casa Bonita is the 6th house on the right.

The house and wall are brown. The gate is white.

You will see our car port directly in front of the gate.

Note that the road makes a slight bend to the left directly at our front gate.

The gate will not be locked.  Just slide it open.



• Park your car beside the car port and take the sidewalk around the left side of the house. 

With your back to the ocean, CB1 is on the left, CB2 is on the right.

Unless other arrangements have been made, you will find the key lock boxes on the wall just around the corner from CB1.

They are marked 1 and 2.

Sometimes the keys are a little sticky so just jiggle them. Once inside, you will find a daily use set of keys on the counter.

Replace the lock box key and use the daily key.

• Upon check out, use the lock box key to lock up. Leave the daily use keys in the apartment on the counter.

• Prior to your arrival, we will email you key box codes and  other necessary instructions.